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July 21, 2022

Black Love Roundtable (Gender Roles, Leadership, and Support) | The M4 Show Ep. 117

Black Love Roundtable (Gender Roles, Leadership, and Support) | The M4 Show Ep. 117
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This is a Black Love panel to highlight Black love and provide insights into building a strong family. During this panel we talk about Gender Roles, Leadership, Trust, and supporting your partner in a marriage. This panel is a part of Black Future Month sponsored by iMi and Play Black Wall Street.

Join Sinclair Theee Health Nerd and De'Von Truvel creator of Black Wall Street the Board Game as they lead a panel discussion around communication, gender roles,  interracial dating, and the definition of love. This was a great discussion!

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The M4 Show is on a mission to help 100 couples achieve a $1 Million net worth. We are looking for Melanated Married Millionaires in the Making ready to build!

De'Von and Sinclair are Black YouTubers promoting Black Health. You can find our journey and thoughts on this channel or on our blog. We hope to hear your stories and learn from you as well. Let's do it together. 




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