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July 21, 2020

TH4 Podcast Ep. 18 Haki Apparel (Love, Education, and Justice)

TH4 Podcast Ep. 18 Haki Apparel (Love, Education, and Justice)
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We brought some special guestsfor you today! Education is a powerful tool that can be used for change and that's exactly what the Founders of Haki Apparel want to do. HAKI apparel has been birthed from the  most recent racial and social injustice that has plagued our society. HAKI is derived from an East African Bantu language  meaning FAIRNESS, RIGHT & JUSTICE. Listen in to Ryan and Angela Reid as they cover what motivated this new business effort and their vision for the future of Haki! You can support their vision today by purchasing some for their Haki Apparel, with 15% of the proceeds going towards educational services.

For more information about Haki Check out their website!

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